Kalwall panels

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Kalwall, a renowned manufacturer of innovative translucent daylighting systems, was on a mission to expand its presence as a global brand and elevate visibility for its evolving product range. Recognizing the need for proficiency in crafting impactful marketing strategies tailored to the architectural and building materials industry, Kalwall chose to collaborate with EVR Advertising.


The challenge at hand was two-fold: Kalwall needed to introduce its recently launched global brand to a wider audience while simultaneously promoting its ever-growing line of translucent daylighting systems. The primary objective was to position Kalwall as a trailblazing leader in the architectural materials sector and enhance awareness of its diverse product offerings.

Strategic Approach

A fresh creative concept, “Daylighting+,” was introduced to illustrate that Kalwall offers more than just high-quality daylighting; it also provides benefits like resilience, sustainability, flexibility and efficiency. This message was reflected in a new website and complimented by overall brand messaging that emphasized Kalwall’s commitment to providing daylighting solutions that cater to human needs.


EVR’s user experience design team aimed to create an interface that would enhance the product’s appeal while providing an intuitive navigation system. The homepage featured scrolling panels for a dramatic and engaging product showcase. The use of a diverse grid system allowed for dynamic and elegant layouts, ensuring flexibility as the website expanded over time.


In the months following the launch, the new website design and approach led to a 23% increase in organic site visits, a 30% increase in pageviews and a 12% drop in bounce rate. The website effectively showcased the elegance and advanced engineering of Kalwall’s translucent daylighting systems, establishing a strong online presence for the global brand.

In Numbers

Increase in organic site visits
Increase in pageviews
Drop in bounce rate