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Social Media Spotlight

More than 3.8 billion people use social media daily—that’s half the world’s population. But platforms come and platforms go, and each attracts a different audience.

With this ever-changing landscape, it can be challenging to successfully connect with your customers and deliver the personalized experience they are looking for on social media.

So how do you break through and get noticed?

There are several factors at play here, but it all starts with content. Make no mistake, the information (and entertainment) that you provide is the key driver to creating an engaging and effective social media presence. But once an achievable and reliable process of content creation is in place, the next steps in the process come into play—where, when and how often you post.

Get Personal

Social media is about authenticity—and understanding the story your brand wants to tell is the first step to getting there. Do your homework. Ask yourself:

  • Who is my current audience?
  • Is what I’m posting fulfilling their content needs?
  • Is there a better way I could tell my story (e.g., through stories, polls or original social video)?

Our team of social strategists will conduct an audit of your brand’s presence across all platforms to answer these questions, and then some. We’ll look for content, best practices by platform, up-to-date information, cross-channel promotion opportunities and more.

Be Where (and When) It Matters

When it comes to social media marketing, it’s about quality, not quantity. You do not need to be on every platform, and you do not need to post every day. In fact, posting too frequently can actually hurt your brand in the eyes of your favorite platform’s algorithm. Just as each business is unique, so will be our strategy when it comes to choosing the right platforms and posting schedule for your audience.

Are you a senior living community with a lot of personalized photo content? Or maybe you’re a hospital with a lot of informational web content? Whatever your unique content mix, we will work with you to find the best platforms and times to post.

Get Started

Simply need a guiding hand to getting your platforms launched and optimized? Or would you rather let someone else do the hard work? With goals set and key performance indicators (KPIs) mapped out, EVR can be as involved (or not) as you’d like. Our social media team does:

  • Content calendar creation
  • Post scheduling
  • Photography and video asset production
  • Post boosting
  • Reporting
  • Optimization
  • Social monitoring
  • Social listening

Social media is your digital handshake with potential customers. Do you have your elevator speech ready?

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