Content Director

Elyse Ruback

Capricorn, traveler, certified bee keeper, yoga & rock climbing enthusiast

Elyse is a creative self-starter who blends art and data to bring your brand to life. With over a dozen years of professional experience, Elyse specializes in content leadership, strategy and execution, creative direction, video production, SEO and social media.

Elyse began her career as a video editor and a creative director for various organizations. Now, she serves as content director for EVR, bringing a strategic approach to content creation and finding creative efficiencies to meet client needs. In her day-to-day work at EVR, she drives creative content from concept to completion; leads a diverse range of projects, such as omnichannel campaigns, ad copy, video scripts, and content marketing initiatives; and writes creative ad copy, headlines, scripts, taglines and other creative assets.

Hailing from New York and now residing in New Hampshire, Elyse’s diverse personal and educational background—including a bachelor’s degree from Emerson College and a master’s certificate in marketing from SNHU—give her a unique perspective and drive to succeed. In her spare time, you can find Elyse planning her next trip, enjoying yoga and rock climbing or watching movies.