Account Executive

Taylor Flanders

Painter, parent, jokester, disc-golf devotee


Taylor stands at the intersection of communication and artistic expression and finds it immensely rewarding to merge the two. She graduated from the University of Vermont, where she studied public communication and applied design. For every situation, Taylor believes there’s a combination of messaging and design that can connect people and businesses to ideas, missions, brands and events that will inspire them. It’s all about cracking the code. 

Before joining EVR, Taylor was the marketing director for a New Hampshire-based insurance organization. As an empath, she has an intrinsic ability to connect with her clients’ goals and keep them at the forefront as she strategically manages their marketing campaigns. Taylor has exercised her knowledge of SEO, graphic design and branding over the course of her career and anticipates a lifetime of learning new marketing skills. 

Taylor will find any excuse to walk in the woods, and she has been an avid disc golfer for the past ten years. She is always on the hunt for an alluring color palette, a cozy spot to have a drink or an online course to consume.