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We’re a group of inquisitive, energetic and creative people with clear vision, and we think the Granite State is an inspiring place to live and work.

Jeff Eisenberg

President & CEO
Jeff was destined to be an entrepreneurial marketer from a young age. At 12, he was the clubhouse boy for the Memphis Blues AA baseball team. When the players started asking him to go buy them hot dogs in between games of doubleheaders, the entrepreneurial seed was planted!

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Peter Ricci

Vice President
Pete is a self-admitted geek and social media native who gets pumped for both the big idea and big data points. He seemed destined for a career that mixed his creative and analytical sides when he was penning a comic strip for his high school newspaper and creating his first Angelfire website.

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Mackenzie Fraser

Vice President
Mackenzie loves immersing herself in a client’s business, becoming their biggest advocate and using her meticulous organizational skills to develop and implement strategic marketing plans for them. Always up for a good challenge, she thrives on being a critical thinker and problem solver to deliver innovative solutions for her clients.

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Christine Rival

Director of Operations
Christine loves working behind the scenes to ensure the sustainability and growth of EVR and its clients, blending an analytical mind with well-honed managerial skills. She has over 15 years of agency experience, helping companies grow organizationally through her previous roles as Director of Operations, Accounting Manager and Traffic Manager.

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Sophia Allard

Account Executive
With a knack for relationship-building and a love of organization, Sophia considers herself a natural-born marketer. Her detail-oriented personality paired with her unique adaptability helps her approach each project and client with strategic thinking and problem-solving solutions.

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Ami Cadugan

Broadcast Media Director
Ami brings over 20 years of strategic media planning and buying experience to our clients. Whether it’s digital, programmatic, traditional or social, Ami is passionate about incorporating the right media mix and targeting into every buy. At the end of the day, it’s all about maximizing ROI and hitting KPIs.

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Maura Coletti

Office Manager
Maura is an integral member of the account services team, assisting with client needs to ensure all projects are completed on time and earn the client’s stamp of approval.

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Bri Cox

Account Executive
Bri’s interest in client services stems from her experience across a range of industries, from hospitality and finance to manufacturing and healthcare. Each of these individual career experiences has helped her hone relationship-building skills with a diverse range of clients.

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Mariah Ehrgott

Digital Marketing Director
Mariah manages pay-per-click, paid social media and online display campaigns. She combines a deep knowledge of analytics and a passion for research to maximize audience reach through search engine optimization, paid digital platform management, programmatic buying and reporting.

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Chelsea Grant

Graphic Designer
Chelsea is passionate about her craft, continually striving to advance her skills in illustrating effective design and actively pushing her limits. She creates remarkable results by combining her artistic approach with client guidelines and attention to detail.

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Keith Kryzak

Senior Graphic Designer
Keith has been helping clients find creative solutions through a wide variety of channels for more than a decade. His design expertise includes direct mail, social media, web design, display advertising, sales collateral and large format printing.

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Roberto Landrau

Media Coordinator
As a member of the Media Group at EVR, Roberto is a hands-on problem-solver with a passion for people. He reads and reacts to small details to help paint the big picture. A believer in results, he is willing to reverse-engineer challenges to find solutions.

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Matt Lawson

Digital Marketing Strategist
Matt believes versatility is key to a successful career in digital marketing. With certifications ranging from digital marketing tactics to front- and back-end development, Matt brings strong knowledge of the digital ecosystem to EVR, strategizing and optimizing campaigns to meet marketing goals.

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Katie Mcquaid

Account Executive
Katie’s two decades in media set the stage for her love of storytelling. The third-generation journalist was born curious, an ideal attribute for helping organizations uncover their true value and developing the right audience for their brands.

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Paige Moulton

Senior Account Executive
A profound love of words got Paige started on her journey to the marketing world. She knows communication is at the heart of every successful marketing campaign, and so she’s always working to develop strong and reliable communication channels, first with her clients, and then with the clients’ target audiences.

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Kelly Nylander

Social Media and Video Director
Kelly combines her social media expertise and video editing skills with a human touch that helps her connect with audiences on a more personal level. She excels in evaluating a company’s current efforts and identifying missed opportunities in order to grow engagement, bolster audience size and foster a community.

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Emily main picture

Emily Otto

Account Coordinator
Emily’s drive as an account coordinator stems from her eagerness to learn and meet new people, as well as from her interest in creative arts. She uses the skills she’s honed in her six years working in customer relations and her experience in social media, content creation and event planning to provide innovative solutions for our clients.

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Dan Powers

Web Designer
Dan helps EVR clients create and maintain a strong online presence across multiple platforms. He works on numerous projects that require skills in establishing site information architecture, implementing usability standards and coding sites from the ground up following W3C Standards.

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Kerri Ruddell

Account Executive
Kerri brings a unique range of experience to her role as an Account Executive. Call it a transcontinental experience that has shaped her unique talents for identifying traditional and innovative ways to leverage brand awareness.

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Megan Schneider

Social Media Coordinator
Megan combines her background in research and brand strategy, her passion for writing, and her proclivity for perfectionism to audit and hone client social presence. Day to day, she researches and identifies marketing trends and opportunities, organizes market research, and uses key findings to help support the marketing and sales teams.

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Gabriella Servello

Director of Media & Agency Advancement
A New Hampshire native, Gabriella has a passion for the spoken and written word. Beginning at a young age, she discovered her voice by singing and public speaking in front of large groups. Today, Gabriella enjoys leading brands to establish their own voice through powerful and engaging marketing campaigns and omnichannel media buys.

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lisa Wallace

Account Manager, Healthcare
Lisa has immersed herself in the world of healthcare and non-profit advertising for over 15 years. With a unique background in marketing strategy and graphic design, she uses both left and right brain skills to deliver creative and integrative solutions to our clients.

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